Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blog Redo

So I have been sucked into sitting on the couch and lookingat DIY things on pintrest and the web; which is right up my alley. I have always been that kind of girl. I wanted to learn to crochet, I did; I wanted tolearn to make beaded purse, I did; I wanted to just cut my own dogs hair, I didit.

So now I have taken on the challenge to make all of ourhousehold products. I started with Laundry soap. I looked into it. Looked at dozens of recipes and finally went with one. My family has been using it foralmost 2 months now, and we love it. We will never go back to using storebought laundry soap that is, over dyed, overpriced, and made with unnecessarychemicals.

I have decided to dedicate my blog to challenges, andfinding better and/or cheaper ways to do things.  I will start with my face wash.  Which I am very excited about. 

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