Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things that make me happy!

I went to Target to get curtain rods for Emma's room. I totally was sucked into the Christmas section! I love Christmas soooooo much. I love decorating, the lights, the cool air, and the time off work, LOL!

So I bought stockings for the family and hung them when I got home. I know you are supposed to wait till the day after thanksgiving, but I couldn't hold out! So they hang, in all their cuteness.

Then as I was leaving target, I noticed feetsie jammies! I had to get them for Branden. He is such an amazing, fun, and light hearted guy. He totally sported them! Which are going back to the store, because they were to small. I was so happy when he didn't even hesitate to put them on when I handed them to him. He is awesome!

Oh, and I forgot the darn curtain rods! LOL!!!

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Monson Family said...

Those pajamas are hilarious! What a great guy! I love when they don't mind playing your games! Seriously, forgeting the curtain rods...I do that ALL the time, especially at Target. I go for something and get everything else but that one thing! Ugh!