Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Halloween Weekend.

We had an amazing weekend! First I took Friday off work to help out at Emma's school carnival, which was fun, and she loved that I was there. It was cute seeing all the kids in their costumes. Since it was Friday it was also an early day so all the kids got out of school at 11:30. So I took Emma and Anisa (the girl next door) to see High School Musical 3. Which Emma danced and sang the entire time!

When we got home (after a quick trip to McDonald's), the kids played or a bit while I got more decorations up, the pumpkins put out with candles, and the candy READY. Emma then decided that she need to wear make-up like Anisa. So I caved and put make up on. She looks way to grown up, but it's Halloween, so what the heck... right?

Saturday night was our Halloween party, which was a blast. I dressed Branden up as Stuart from Mad TV, which was a big hit. He can even do the voice PERFECT. I think he found the costume he will be every year. :-)

Sunday was take down the decoration's day. Which is always sad, but that just means Christmas is just around the corner. Last year my next door neighbor and i had a "light off". Everyday I would come home she would add something to her house, so then I ran to the store and added something to my house. It went on like this for about a week, and our houses glowed so bright that I am sure you could have seen us from space.

Well there are a lot more Halloween pictures on my flickr, if you need more Stuart. :-)


Monson Family said...

Ha Ha! That is hilarious! I LOVE Stuart! That is a great costume! What a FUN Halloween! What better than to see HSM3! ;) Our girls would have loved to join her in the dancing! I think people were getting annoyed with our girls but come on, you go to a matenee and to a kid movie, you better be patient! :)

Tricia said...

Emma looks so cute in her costume. I'm with you, Halloween is once a year so let them eat junk, stay up late, and wear make-up! I love all your pumpkins all in a row. You need to come to our house. We only cared ONE of 5!