Friday, October 24, 2008


I woke up this morning with a darn head-cold. Luckily it's friday and I have no plans (other then being super lazy) this weekend. So I can rest up. I just need to make it though this 8 hour day, which so far has been pretty hard.

Poor Branden had to make a delivery out past Frezno today, so he left at 4 am, and probably wont be home till 6. Luckily it's the weekend for him too, so he will be sleeping in tomorrow for sure. Emmers and I will probably have to sneak out of the house to let that happen though. He says, the women in his life do NOT like to sleep in. ;-)

Today is also the last day of Emma's Fall Break. So no more gifts in the form of rocks, and flowers all over my desk. That and no more "MOM, my club penguine (webkinz, TY, or Nickjr) isn't working! Help?"

Baby-Sitting her pet worm (Worm-E)

Everyone always says they hate BREAKS. I love them personally. It's so boring with out her here. She cracks me up. I am pretty sure I have the the best daughter ever.

Safty first, here at the office!

18 months on Nick Jr.

Boxes, best toys EVER!


Colleen said...

This just gave me the best idea for xmas gifts... If Emma can give rocks, I can too! It shows that I care, yet, I am also cheap. Very cheap.

Gramma Stewie said...

Hi, this is Claudia Stewart...the Stewart girls' mom. I saw your name on Tricia'a blog, and was excited to 'see you'! Looks like you are happily in love. Is it a Valentine's Day wedding? (my 4 month calculations) You make a cute couple...and amazingly, your future husband and your daughter look so much alike....they have the exact same eyes. That is so neat! I'm happy for you! Are you still in Ventura? I'm surprized we haven't bumped into each other. Happy wedding....and don't be nervous: when it's right, IT'S RIGHT! Go for it! (squash those nerves)

Cassi Moise-Shaw said...

Claudia, it's so good to hear from you! Yes I am still in Ventura. I actually finished my senior year in Lancaster. My mom had some issues, and I had to find a place to finish out my schooling. Long, story. I am now back here. My mom actually just recently passed away. Which is another LONG story.
Anyway, I am getting married February 23rd! Emma's birthday is Valentines Day, so can't take that day, nor would I want to. :-)
It was great hearing from you! I will have to subscribe to your blog so I can keep up. It's always nice to keep up with people that you had such a good connection and fond memories of. :-)

The Wach Family said...

I agree--boxes are the greatest toys. My kids always like the big boxes much better than what was actually in the box.