Sunday, May 13, 2012

A New Face

In looking for a way to make my own Laundry Soap, I came across this blogger that had a lot of great ideas. I wasn't too fond of her laundry soap recipe, but liked her other posts. Then one day she posted about washing your face with oil. OIL? WTF? Yes, oil. That stuff we are supposed to be washing off.

I like to try new things, so challenge excepted!

I went to Lassens where I bought castor oil, and sunflower seed oil. I mixed it up and have been using it for a little over three weeks now. I have still been using the toner, and my face wash, but use the oil morning and night at the end of my 'treatment'. I love my skin. I mean LOVE it!

I was going to post this a while ago, at the end of the 14 day challenge, but then Aunt Flo came for her visit. I then decided to wait. Usually after her departure, I break out like a mother. So figured this would be the true challenge.

A full week with Aunt Flo gone, zit free.

So here is what I have been using and I love it

1. I use a cheap face wash from trader Joe's

2. Then I use my homemade toner that I found on another bloggers website.

3. then I use the oil treatment

4. Last, and I only use this in the morning for the SPF 30. Sunscreen

Now how do I know it is truly working? My husband noticed a difference!!! Then asked to use it.

So give it a try, maybe it works for you as well as it has worked for us, or maybe you don't like it. Either way, it can be fun!  

Blog Redo

So I have been sucked into sitting on the couch and lookingat DIY things on pintrest and the web; which is right up my alley. I have always been that kind of girl. I wanted to learn to crochet, I did; I wanted tolearn to make beaded purse, I did; I wanted to just cut my own dogs hair, I didit.

So now I have taken on the challenge to make all of ourhousehold products. I started with Laundry soap. I looked into it. Looked at dozens of recipes and finally went with one. My family has been using it foralmost 2 months now, and we love it. We will never go back to using storebought laundry soap that is, over dyed, overpriced, and made with unnecessarychemicals.

I have decided to dedicate my blog to challenges, andfinding better and/or cheaper ways to do things.  I will start with my face wash.  Which I am very excited about. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things that make me happy!

I went to Target to get curtain rods for Emma's room. I totally was sucked into the Christmas section! I love Christmas soooooo much. I love decorating, the lights, the cool air, and the time off work, LOL!

So I bought stockings for the family and hung them when I got home. I know you are supposed to wait till the day after thanksgiving, but I couldn't hold out! So they hang, in all their cuteness.

Then as I was leaving target, I noticed feetsie jammies! I had to get them for Branden. He is such an amazing, fun, and light hearted guy. He totally sported them! Which are going back to the store, because they were to small. I was so happy when he didn't even hesitate to put them on when I handed them to him. He is awesome!

Oh, and I forgot the darn curtain rods! LOL!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Seffers!

One of the things I have tried to do throughout the years is stay in touch with my friends. Seth, and his amazing family are just some of the people I never want to lose touch with. I just adore them. Secretly I wish they were my family, LOL!

Seth and Sara Gray (picture taken by Emma)

Chris Gray (picture taken by Emma)

Chris recently sent me an email inviting me to Seth's surprise 30th birthday, and of course its something I would never miss! I ran into so many old faces! I was stoked when I got there and Aaron and Nicole Hardy had brought their adorable daughter Addy. Emma is usually the only child, and gets bored easy, but not this time. Those girls ran wild, and had a great time!

Emma and Addy

It was a great turn out, and I am so glad to have the Grey family in my life. They truly ROCK!

Aaron Hardy, Sean Dowey and Lovin' Lamb (I have no idea)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted!

I am not going to share who I voted with. I hate arguing, or people who force their opinion down my throat. I did what I felt was right, and I am proud to say I VOTED!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Halloween Weekend.

We had an amazing weekend! First I took Friday off work to help out at Emma's school carnival, which was fun, and she loved that I was there. It was cute seeing all the kids in their costumes. Since it was Friday it was also an early day so all the kids got out of school at 11:30. So I took Emma and Anisa (the girl next door) to see High School Musical 3. Which Emma danced and sang the entire time!

When we got home (after a quick trip to McDonald's), the kids played or a bit while I got more decorations up, the pumpkins put out with candles, and the candy READY. Emma then decided that she need to wear make-up like Anisa. So I caved and put make up on. She looks way to grown up, but it's Halloween, so what the heck... right?

Saturday night was our Halloween party, which was a blast. I dressed Branden up as Stuart from Mad TV, which was a big hit. He can even do the voice PERFECT. I think he found the costume he will be every year. :-)

Sunday was take down the decoration's day. Which is always sad, but that just means Christmas is just around the corner. Last year my next door neighbor and i had a "light off". Everyday I would come home she would add something to her house, so then I ran to the store and added something to my house. It went on like this for about a week, and our houses glowed so bright that I am sure you could have seen us from space.

Well there are a lot more Halloween pictures on my flickr, if you need more Stuart. :-)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quick face paint for the road. :-)

I just took Emma to McGrath to get pumpkins, and she decided she really needed her face painted. :-)

She looks like she can't open her eye in the picture from all the paint on her eyes. I took her back to the office, where my boss had bought her cupcakes, and now her face is a mess. :-)